Pinterest Launches Retargeting Enhancements


Most people think of Pinterest when talking about design, fashion or recipe ideas, but what if we told you, the social platform has just upped its advertising game?

While Pinterest launched Promoted Pins back in 2014, they've since been working to improve the targeting options available to advertisers. Using their Ads Manager, you can now create an audience based on actions: clicks, comments, saves, likes and closeups. According to Pinterest, people who have clicked on a pin are 4.4x more likely to take an action on that pin in the future, so the platform adding a retargeting capability adds huge value to advertisers.

Similar to other large social networks like Twitter & Facebook, Pinterest now has their own marketing tag you can add to your website. Once you place the tag, you'll be able to create audiences to retarget on Pinterest based on things they've done on your website. E.G. Browsing a category, adding an item to shopping cart or signing up for your services. This makes it easier to show people promoted pins that they may find relevant.

For example, say you run an online furniture shop, you could identify users who viewed sofas, and then show them pins on Pinterest of beautifully designed living rooms featuring your sofas.

You could start by using simple URLs E.G. /sofas to target users who visited a page with the URL containing sofas or /check-out to target users who visited the check out page, but didn't make it all the way to the thank you page.

All you need to get started is a Confirmed Website on Pinterest. Once you've confirmed your website, we like to use Google Tag Manager to easily place tags on your website.

Pinterest launching retargeting capabilities makes the network more competitive and gives you, the advertiser, more effective ways to reach your customers.

Happy Pinning!