New Instagram Business Tools


The time has finally come! Instagram has heard the many comments and demands from marketers and businesses alike. The social media platform recently announced that they will soon be rolling out new Business Tools for the platform. Here is quick breakdown of the exciting changes to come to help your business thrive on Instagram.

Business Profiles

First things first, users who wish to be recognized as a business, can now use the free feature to set up their account as a business account. When setting up a business profile, businesses can select how they want users to contact them e.g. call, text or email. To set up your switch to a Business Profile, simply login to your personal account, select the gear icon in the top right hand corner and select 'Switch to Business Profile'.


Setting up a business profile will unlock access to Instagram analytics. Not unlike Facebook insights, this will provide marketers with valuable information about their users including, audience demographics, the time they’re online and more.

Promoted Posts

Taking another page out of Facebook’s book, businesses can now turn one of their best performing posts into and ad from right within the app. Simply pick a post that has already been shared on the account, add a call-to-action button, select an audience, or allow Instagram to suggest targeting and you’re ready to go. This feature will help businesses reach beyond their audience and get them onto the newsfeeds of other relevant users.

All of this comes along-side bigger changes for the platform as they move towards a more Facebook-like algorithmic feed. Soon posts in a users newsfeed will no longer show in chronological order, but will be sorted by relevancy to the user.  Users can ensure they’re seeing the content they desire by simply hitting the … above a users post and selecting Turn On Post Notifications.

According to Instagram, these changes will start rolling out to the US, Australia and New Zealand in the coming months, and should be available globally by the end of the year.

All in all, these new tools make for an exciting future for marketers and businesses to help them reach their desired audiences and grow their businesses on Instagram.