How to Utilize Facebook's New Creative Hub

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More and more people are consuming online content from their phones, so do you know how your social ads are translating from desktop to mobile? With Facebook’s new Creative Hub you can be sure they are making the right impact, plus discover new ways to reach your audience.

Creative Hub allows you to mock up your ads in all available Facebook and Instagram ad formats. The new preview tool includes an Inspiration Gallery where you can browse creative examples from top brands. 


Plus, it even allows you to easily share your mock up.

If your business is just starting out with social ads, or your current ad creative is feeling stale and not seeing engagement, Creative Hub might be just the tool you need to take your ads to the next level.

Here are the key features:

See great examples

If you’re stuck for new content and in search of inspiration, the Creative Hub will show you examples of the best ads out there, for both Instagram and Facebook. 

Browsing great ads in the Inspiration Gallery will give you a good idea of what works best, as well as allow you to explore different ad formats you may not have considered before, such as 360 video, carousel, or canvas.

Create and preview

After you’ve explored content ideas, the next step is to create a mock up within the platform. Once complete, you can test it out, viewing your ad just as your audience will see it. A link can also be sent to your mobile, where you will see and interact with your mock up exactly as it will appear once live.   

We like how it makes Facebook ad options like carousel and canvas more accessible by allowing you to experiment with the different ad formats and see them in action before you commit. You may have been hesitant to try something new before, unsure of how the final product would look. With Creative Hub, now is the perfect opportunity to try out a new idea.

Share with your team

We love the feature that allows you to save your mock up and then share it for others to preview. This is a valuable feature if you work in a team and need feedback or approval. The most convenient part is that the person you are sharing with doesn’t need a Facebook or Instagram account to see the preview.

How to make it work for your business

This new tool is easy to get started with, just head over to the Creative Hub and sign in. Challenge yourself to try out this new feature, both to gather new ideas and test out new ad formats.

We’re here to help you with all your social advertising needs, so get in touch, and we’ll help you get the most out of this great new tool.

Written by Laura-Anne Scherer.

Laura-Anne Scherer is an online community manager and copywriter who loves to help businesses share their passion through social media.