How to Create a Pinterest Showcase for Your Business

Pinterest can be used to tell a compelling, visual story about your business, and with the new addition of Pinterest Showcase, conveying that story just got easier.

Found right at the top of your profile page, the showcase will create an even more visually catching profile for your business. Rather than just seeing your latest pins and boards right away, you will be in control of what images are displayed first, enabling you to craft the perfect first impression.

How to start

It’s easy to get started; you’ll see the space for your showcase on your profile, just click the plus sign to begin. You can choose up to five of your best Pinterest boards to showcase, which will rotate, or just stick to one.


To create the showcase, Pinterest will pull the thumbnails from the most recent pins on the chosen boards. We recommend you take it one step further, and add a cover photo to your chosen pin boards, which will act as a constant feature image.  

How to standout  

Since it’s the first thing people see when they visit your profile, keep in mind that it’s the perfect way to introduce your business to new customers. Choose boards that will allow them to get a feel for who you are and what you do, and what type of content to expect from your page. 

If you feature your best content, you have a better chance of catching their attention and pulling them down the page to explore your pins. 

The showcase is yours to update as you like, and we suggest you make an effort to keep it fresh and current. You can change it to reflect the season, special deals or promotions, your top content, or whatever you think accurately tells the story of what your company is focused on.

If you’re using Pinterest for you business, we encourage you to head over and try it out! 


Written by Laura-Anne Scherer.

Laura-Anne Scherer is an online community manager and copywriter who loves to help businesses share their passion through social media.