How to Verify Your Facebook Page for Local Business

You’ve probably noticed the blue verification badges on your favourite global brand or celebrity’s Facebook Page, and wished that your business could have that official stamp too. Well, you’re in luck! Your Page may qualify for a similar sort of verification. Facebook is now offering grey verification badges to Pages in the Local Business, Company or Organization categories.

More than just for looks and status, these grey verification badges instantly add a level of trust with your audience. When a customer is searching for you on Facebook, they will be able to recognize instantly that they’ve found your official Page. Verified Business Pages will show up higher in search results as well.

It’s easy to get the quick and painless verification process started. First, take a look in your Page’s settings and see if it is eligible for verification. If you see the option there, you’re set. You’ll need access to your business's publicly listed phone number, but if that is not possible, an official document showing your business's name and address will work as well.

Facebook outlines the 6 simple steps needed to verify your Page:

1.     Click Settings at the top of your Page

2.     From General, click Page Verification

3.     Click Verify this Page, then click Get Started

4.     Enter a publicly listed phone number for your business, your country and language

5.     Click Call Me Now to allow Facebook to call you with a verification code

6.     Enter the 4-digit verification code and click Continue

If you’ll be using a business document to verify your Page, follow the steps outlined above and click “Verify this Page with documents instead” at the bottom left of the window that appears. You will then be prompted to upload a picture of the document.  

Once you’ve submitted your request, Facebook will review the information supplied and confirm that it matches public records. You will receive a notification email regarding your status within a few days.

This new verification isn’t required, but we highly recommend you take the time to do it. The trust you build with your customers online is important, and this little grey badge will add to your Page’s credibility in an effective and subtle way.  


Written by Laura-Anne Scherer.

Laura-Anne Scherer is an online community manager and copywriter who loves to help businesses share their passion through social media.