3 Ways to Drive Online Sales with Pinterest


If you haven't considered Pinterest as an advertising channel, we'd highly recommend giving it a second look. While we're huge fans and have seen great results from Facebook's ad platform, Pinterest offers some unique ad features that can really reach your customers in an authentic way. According to a report from SocialPilot, the average amount per order that drives from Pinterest traffic is between $140 to $180. So, creating an ad strategy to help you take advantage of the opportunity can definitely help support your marketing goals. Here are 3 great ways to help drive online sales using Pinterest.

1. Promoted Pins

Promoted Pins are a great way to increase your exposure, build interest in your products, and help to drive online sales. Don't select just any old pin, choose a pin that performed well organically, has good colour contrasts and good image composition. You'll also want to make sure all of your images are optimized for both desktop and mobile. With over 90% of Pinterest traffic coming from mobile, this is not a step to be overlooked.


Once you've picked your pin, you'll set your targeting, then set your CPC budget. When setting up your campaign, it's important to keep your overall goal in mind. This will help you select the right objective for your campaign. The following objectives are currently available:

Brand Awareness: This will help with your top of the funnel objectives. Here you will be charged by CPM (per 1,000 impressions)

Boost Engagement: This will help your mid funnels objectives by targeting people most likely to engage with your pin. Here you will be charge per pin engagement.

Traffic to Website: This can help drive a motivated audience to your content, or specific calls-to-action. Here you will be charged by CPC (cost per click)

When using pins with CTA's remember to keep these soft. Instead of using "Buy Now" try something more subtle like; "Check one more thing off your list".

Keywords can also play a crucial role in promoted pins. You may be thinking, keywords? Isn't that a google thing? You're right it is, but keywords also play a big role in your Promoted Pin's success. Based on Pinterest guidelines, you can include up to 150 keywords per promoted pin. So, make sure you spend the time to develop a comprehensive keyword strategy. You may have already created keywords for your blog content, PPC ads and so on. So that is a good place to start.

2. Buyable Pins

Selling your products online became an even more seamless process, when Pinterest introduced Buyable Pins, allowing people to purchase a product from right within the app.


When you spot the blue 'Buy It' button that indicates a buyable pin. Buyable pins can be found in search results, related pins and on your business profile. With Shopify being one of Pinterest's e-commerce partners, they've created a detailed outline of how to use buyable pins to sell your products directly on Pinterest HERE. This ad feature is pretty big, as it provides customers the opportunity to buy right when they have the impulse, when they're on the go. Using this feature still allows you to control the shopping experience, by letting you handle the shipping and customer service, the way you always have.

For those of you using Shopify, here is a step-by-step guide to setting up your Pinterest sales channel within your Shopify account.

Other e-commerce partners include, BigCommerce & Demandware.

3. Video Pins

Based on stats released by Pinterest, the social platform saw a 60% increase in videos, which naturally sparked their next move, launching promoted video that can be watched right within the platform. The best part about video pins? Pinterest has paired video with featured pins that show up below the video. Meaning, viewers can click directly to buy products that were featured within the video. Its our understanding that you can have up to 6 featured pins below a video pin, each with a different URL linking out to your website.


This feature is currently available to businesses in the US & UK who are working with a Pinterest account team, but its certainly one to keep on the radar. According to Pinterest, initial tests done with big brands like Old El Paso and General Mills', found that brands saw significant brand lift metrics and that Promoted Video ads were 4x more memorable than a non-video ad. This is a super important feature to watch for in your Pinterest account, and could really change the way you drive engagement.

While there are many ways to spend your advertising dollars, social media platforms are driving BIG results and becoming a more and more desirable piece of an advertising strategy. Pinterest is no exception. Happy Pinning!