Facebook Launches Job Application Feature


Change your profile picture, like a post…find a job? Yes that’s right. Facebook has entered the job recruiting market. With intentions to help the small businesses, with larger businesses no doubt reaching in and taking a bite, Facebook has arrived to compete with the likes of other recruiting platforms LinkedIn and Monster. With aims to generate more small business loyalty, ease the recruiting process for local employees/ employers, and…even though they don’t need it, add additional revenue, Facebook has the ball rolling towards a new sort of job recruitment.

Simply designed to catch stray Facebook wonder’s on its plethora of pages and posts, employers post job openings on their pages with the opportunity to boost visibility, a tool already used by small businesses which allows advertisers to pay and escape the watered down market and as stated …boost their post to the top of the pile.  Facebook has worked its way into the recruiting business by giving companies yet another reason, to engage with Facebook while having the opportunity to pay and get in front of more possible candidates.

Facebook goers, so pretty much everyone who has a phone or computer can now justify the hours spent on its platform by job hunting. The same process as searching for a long lost friend or restaurant in the area, future employees can use a filter feature to narrow down their searches and find the ideal job posting for them. After a user applies for a job by clicking the “Apply Now” button, their already existing public profile is sent over to the employer. Them the employer contacts them directly through messenger, easy as that!

Is this a sign for things to come from Facebook…a sincere opportunity for its users to use the billion dollar company for more than just personal connection? With the opportunity to post and apply jobs for jobs on Facebook it looks like Facebook may be turning a page and really starting to harness the power of all it's user data to help connect skilled candidates and valuable employers. The opportunity for small businesses seems to be there. An unlimited amount of candidates and easy access for job hunters points towards it. We're definitely hitting the “Like” button on this one.