Facebook Launches New Ad Format "Collections"


Facebook is constantly evolving and tweaking their products to provide a suite of tools to help advertisers accomplish their goals. Whether its building brand awareness, collecting leads, driving in-store visits, or increasing online sales conversions, Facebook has an ad objective that's right for you.

To add to that mix, they've recently added a new ad format, "Collections" which is ideal for e-commerce companies, allowing businesses to show video or images alongside their products on consumers mobile devices.


Why Use Collections

Collections are ideal for e-commerce companies looking to increase online product sales. By pairing your products with relevant videos or imagery, you can create a more engaging experience for your customers. With an easy, seamless experience you create a simple path for your most interested customers to purchase from your website, directly from their mobile devices. According to Facebook, 30% of mobile shoppers say video is the best way to discover new products, so why not take advantage of this new ad format.

How It Works

With the new "Collections" format you can add up to 50 products that scroll underneath your video or image. "Collections" pull products dynamically from your Facebook product catalog.

New to product catalogs? Okay, let's break it down. A product catalog is a file within your Facebook Business Manager that contains a list of all your products you want to sell online. Very similar to a product listing feed within Google's Merchant Centre for PLA's.  Each line of the product catalog contains a description of each product, including an ID, name, category, availability, product URL, image URL and other product attributes. For a full step-by-step guide on how to setup your product feed, use Facebook's helpful guide HERE.

Since this format is new, advertisers have started to test it out to get a better understanding of how "Collections" ad format can impact their sales. To get started here are a few tips from the folks at Facebook:

1. Use a video or photo that tells a story to inspire sales

2. Feature products that play off the story you're telling within your video or image

3. Tie your collection to a theme, like a season, a target audience, sale or promotion

This new ad format is an exciting addition to Facebook's suite of advertising products. Give it a try and see what kind of results you get.

How to Manage Multiple Store Pages with Facebook Locations


As your business expands and your locations multiply, it may be time to consider a new tactic for managing or creating multiple Facebook Pages. While one main company Page is important for promoting your business as a whole, an individual Page for each location allows you to reach customers on a more personalized level.   

If the idea of multiple Pages seems daunting, or if you already have multiple Pages and are struggling to keep them up to date, try using Facebook Locations.

Facebook Locations is a great way to streamline and organize your company’s Facebook presence. The tool allows you to set a main Page, and then connect and organize individual location Pages. You can manage everything from one spot, adding new store Pages, editing contact information, and managing locations.

The Benefits

As mentioned earlier, it streamlines the admin process by allowing you to easily add, edit, and remove location Pages from a central spot. If a phone number has changed, or a location closed, those edits are easily done. This eliminates the need for having multiple Facebook business pages for multiple store locations.


Facebook Locations makes consistent branding easy, with every new place Page automatically assuming the same cover photo and profile picture as your main Page. There is also the option to upload individual ones.

Take the opportunity to clean up and organize any duplicate Pages created by other employees. Once set up, all Pages will be listed together, and admins who have access to the main Page will be able to access each location as well.

Location Pages make things crystal clear for your customers. The feature will help customers find you in Facebook search, and make it clear for them which location’s Page they are on. They will be able to see the hours and address for the specific location they want to visit, as well as check out what the local deals or offers are. Your main Page will now include a built-in map and a store finder, pointing customers to the nearest shop.

Using Facebook Locations will also allow you to run customized ads for each location, reaching customers with local store offers. Called Local awareness ads, you can reach out to both regular and prospective customers in your area by targeting ads only to people when they are near one of your business locations. These ads should focus on your local connection, sharing an incentive, localized product or sale, and take advantage of call to action buttons like “call now” or “get directions.” 

Getting Started

To begin, you need to set up multiple locations through your business manager. Select the menu on the top left, and you should be able to see ‘Business Locations’ under ‘Assets’. From there you can choose ‘set up multiple locations.’

You will be prompted to set your main company Page that all your location Pages will link from. From there you can add locations from existing Pages, or create new ones. The location Pages connected to your main Page will all have the same name, which will be your main Page’s name, followed by the location.  

For a step by step guide, see Facebook’s Locations FAQ section.

So, if you have multiple locations, we suggest you spend the time to set up Facebook Locations, and enjoy how much easier it is to manage them.